Apple-1 Registry

2010 till early 2018 managed by Mike Willegal, afterwards by Achim Baqué.

List of all -year-old Apple-1 computer in a virtual museum. Mobile-friendly and responsive website.
It took well over a thousand man-hours to gather all the information and pictures, contact the owners of the Apple-1, visit/meet some in person etc. The maintenance of the website and database is extremely complex.
We appreciate your help: Please spread the word about the Apple-1 Registry by adding a link to your social media account and/or website. Contact us, if you have new information about any Apple-1 or Apple-1 (parts) for sale.

Mission statement

The Apple-1 Registry is a list of all known Apple-1 computer. The purpose of the Apple-1 Registry is to preserve information, history, whereabouts and condition of the few remaining Apple-1 computer for future generations. Independent, free to use, not influenced by the interests of any individual, company or organization and without any rating system. On a non-profit base. Any Apple-1 computer is an important piece of history. Only 200 and a few in a pre-production boards of the Apple-1 were made.
As a nice side effect, the Apple-1 Registry add a lot of authenticity, provenance and security to any Apple-1. Any published picture could increase the safety of any Apple-1. It would make it much harder or almost impossible to sell a stolen and listed Apple-1. Anyone would notice, which one it is. Because of many inquiries about the value of an Apple-1, you can read the short evaluation.
This website does not use cookies, does not track you, there are no advertisements and it is hosted in the European Union.

About the Apple-1 Registry

No rating

No rating system will be used to rank the condition of the Apple-1 in this registry. Every Apple-1 is unique and it would be unfair to rank them in this registry. For some people any modification done by the first owner is part of the history and worth keeping, for others it is reducing the value. Keep in mind, any Apple-1 is worth as much as someone is willing to pay for. There is no rule.


Thank you to the many people who helped the registry with information, pictures, stories and above all, more facts. Mike Willegal deserves the biggest thanks. He collected information for years and at a time when very little was known about the existing Apple-1.
Here are just a few contacts we have/had with famous and/or well-known people who have something to do with Apple or components used for the Apple-1:
Steve Wozniak, Ron Wayne, Daniel Kottke, Bill Fernandez, Chris Espinosa, Paul Terrell, Chuck Peddle, Bill Mensch, Liza Loop, Randy Wigginton, Wendell Sander (Wendell Sander deserves a wikipedi entry. We wrote an article for wikipedia. Oddly enough, the text was rejected by a reviewer from Wikipedia because the author runs the Apple-1 Registry and a conflict of interest is immediately implied. The Apple-1 Registry sells nothing, is completely neutral, ad-free, etc. We still have the complete draft for wikipedia. Available on request) and many more.

Thank you to Corey Cohen. Thank you to all Apple-1 owners and curators of museums who shared information, pictures and passion.

And of course, thanks everyone else (including the many owners of an Apple-1) who has contributed to the preservation of the history of the Apple-1.
Legacy of the Apple-1 Registry.

How to sell an Apple-1

How to buy an Apple-1

You can link to the Apple-1 Registry. Any form of reprint or reproduction (including excerpts) only with written permission of the Apple-1 Registry. Press releases and images free to use under CC BY-SA 4.0.

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