All known -year-old Apple-1 computer

Mission statement and information for first time visitors not familiar with the iconic first Apple computer. The Apple-1 Registry is a non-profit website. About components on the Apple-1 mainboard.

It took well over a thousand man-hours to gather all the information and pictures, contact the owners of the Apple-1, visit/meet some in person etc. The maintenance of the website and database is extremely complex.

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069 verified Apple-1
022 almost verified Apple-1
091 verified and almost verified Apple-1
009 Apple-1 might exist or could be double listed and 003 Apple-1 may no longer exist
Please read the notes following the list. A short evaluation.

Of all verified or almost verified Apple-1:
046 1st batch
042 2nd batch.
002 unknown version.
032 of the 46 1st batch Apple-1 have a serial number, 8 have no serial number and of 6 it is unknown.
066 are in working condition, 6 are not working and the working condition of 19 is unknown.
007 are in original Byte Shop case.
019 are in museums.
1026 pictures published.

Of all unverified Apple-1:
004 1st batch.
004 2nd batch.
003 unknown version.
010 pictures published.

1036 pictures all together.

List of all known 1st batch Apple-1 with serial number ('serial #') on the back. The serial number is Steve Jobs' handwriting (full story).
List of all known Apple-1 with original wooden Byte Shop cases.

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Some software including basic was distributed on cassettes.

Some documents around the Apple-1 exist. Including
various operation and basic manuals,
price list,
articles in magazines
and others.
The Apple-1 is a single board computer. No case, power supply, keyboard or monitor was available from Apple.
But Apple offered later a Cassette Interface.

Read more about the used power supply,
cassette recorders,
and others.


= location, = batch, numbers/stamps/labels, = verification status, = picture and video count, = available history, = auctions.
'More or less verified': To the best of our knowledge and belief, evidence is almost given or obvious. Many times current owner is unknown, pictures might be old etc.!
Unlisted Apple-1: The Apple-1 Registry is in contact with some owner who wish to have no information at all published. We respect this. So far unknown Apple-1 might exist as well.
Naming: Because of no serial number on all Apple-1, every Apple-1 got a unique name. The name of the Apple-1 should be the first owner, if not available name of the last owner or last known location. Last resort is the sequential number.
Working condition: Most Apple-1 could be operational again – depending on how much effort you spend or how much parts you are willing to change.
Last operation: The year of last operation is bot listed for good reason. After every power-up no Apple-1 owner would announce this to the Apple-1 Registry and this information would be obsolete very soon.
Accuracy: No guarantee can be given for the accuracy of any information. If you have more information please feel free to contact us. Many very good replica of Apple-1 exist. Even with date code correct components. Anyone interested in buying Apple-1 have to keep this in mind. Hobbyist usually building replica for private use. Even some museums use replicas.
Auction: Only successful auctions since the year 2000 are considered.
Production: All Apple-1 were produced in two batches in spring and fall 1976. There was no serial number issued by Apple. Apple Computer supplied only the mainboard, Cassette Interface Adapter and manuals. No case, power supply or keyboard. The Apple-1 was the first Apple computer and the beginning of a success story.
Number of existing Apple-1: It may look like many Apple-1 are available, but it's getting harder to buy an Apple-1 every year. Many Apple-1 are now owned by museums or companies and will never be for sale again. In the coming years more and more Apple-1 will 'disappear' from the market, because fewer Apple-1's will have a private owner. Someday it will be nearly impossible to buy an Apple-1.
Lost Apple-1: Some information about destroyed / lost Apple-1 exist. More about it here.

Last update: Aug 29, 2023. Change log for all Apple-1.
Technical info: For much better performance all pictures are significantly reduced in size through admin by using efficient compressing tools for pictures shown on the web.

You can link to the Apple-1 Registry. Any form of reprint or reproduction (including excerpts) only with written permission of the Apple-1 Registry. Press releases and images free to use under CC BY-SA 4.0.
If you have pictures and/or informations about any Apple-1, it would be very kind to share it with us.

Contact the Apple-1 Registry.

For any comment on a listed Apple-1, please click on the respective Apple-1 and add the comment there. Here you can add any other comment.

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