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The website is a private website on a non-profit base and we reserve the right of what we publish and not to reply to emails. Since the relaunch of the Apple-1 Registry in March 2018, Achim Harald Baqué takes care of it. He is the owner of some Apple-1 as well.

Your Contribution

To publish any picture or footage, The Apple-1 Registry must get written permission of the owner of these materials. If you don't declare that the content of your e-mail is confidential, you agree that it can be used and published.

To publish third-hand information, we need the permission of the author / copyright owner.

Apple-1 owner

Owner of Apple-1 computers are highly encouraged to send us any information!
Highest discretion is guaranteed. Just let us know which information is public and what is for our eyes only. It is very important to get an overview of all existing Apple-1 computers. Even if some owner choses to remain anonymous, it would be very kind to get pictures and some basic information about the Apple-1.

Security concerns?
Any published picture could increase the safety of any Apple-1. It would make it much harder or almost impossible to sell a stolen and listed Apple-1. Anyone would notice, which one it is. The soldering, the watermarks on the mainboard and so much more are unique like a fingerprint.

How to sell an Apple-1
How to buy an Apple-1

NDA - Non-Disclosure Agreement

We are willing to sign a Standard-NDA if necessary. We will ONLY publish informations with permission. You may send us your NDA form or use this US Standard-NDA form.

Linking to the Apple-1 Registry

About me

Achim Harald BaquéMy name is Achim Harald Baqué (Achim Baqué). I am a vintage computer collector.
I was born in 1968 in former Western Germany where I live and work most of the time.

Owner of some original Apple-1. One Apple-1 is lent to the Deutsches Museum Munich in Germany since 2017. A second one was given to an exhibition '100 Masterpieces' in Karlsruhe/Germany for 2018/2019. These two Apple-1 I gave to the museums for free. My Apple-1 will be exhibited on various occasions, such as at CHM (Computer History Museum) in California in 2019.

To preserve the history of the Apple-1 as good as possible I do a lot and got in contact with important people. I do appreciate any help!

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