Legacy of the Apple-1 Registry

Legacy of the Apple-1 Registry

The purpose of the Apple-1 Registry is, among other things, to preserve the history of all Apple-1s. Most of the information is online. However, much is confidential and the owners of the Apple-1 do not wish it to be published. At least for the moment.
The information content of the Apple-1 Registry is a treasure and must be preserved.

Besides the website, there is a self-developed software to manage all Apple-1.

The show must go on!
Mike Willegal handed-over the Apple-1 Registry in 2018 to Achim Baqué.
Should the curator Achim Baqué no longer be able to manage and maintain the website, there is a provision in his will. The registry will be handed over to a successor. It is the task of the executor to find a suitable person. This person will be handed over all access data, the administration software and the domain names.

Legacy of Steve Wozniak in relation to the Apple-1

In 1976, engineer Steve Wozniak, while working at HP, built the Apple-1 computer from scratch. He finished his work in March 1976. He is the father of the Apple-1. The Apple story started with his work.

Legacy of Steve Jobs in relation to the Apple-1

Steve Jobs encouraged Steve Wozniak not to give away the mainboard for do-it-yourself hobbyists. Instead, it was produced in a factory, assembled and sold. Wozniak started little later to create the much more advanced Apple II.
There would be no Apple Company without the Apple-1.

Legacy of Ronald Wayne in relation to the Apple-1

Ronald Wayne was responsible to do all the necessary paperwork to create Apple. And he wrote the manuals.

Legacy of Howard Cantin in relation to the Apple-1

The motherboard was designed by Howard Cantin. Steve Wozniak knew him from his work. He made no mistake.

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