We are always looking for original Apple-1, manuals, price lists, ads etc. The curator himself preserve and collect anything related to the Apple-1. And we know many Apple-1 owner and enthusiasts looking for Apple-1 (parts).

The mission to preserve original Apple-1 computer:
Many replicas are built, and many date-code correct parts are used for it. With some people making replicas in mass-production it is getting more and more difficult to find spare parts. Some buy whatever is possible and some gamblers demand huge sums for individual chips.
For many everything about the Apple-1 is just the value. From a historical point it is very important to preserve them and the work of Steve Wozniak. It's not about whether you like Apple or not. For example, nobody likes to see spare parts from modern cars in a classic cars and that’s how it is with the Apple-1.

Apple-1 owner need help to get hands on date and period correct parts. Every single IC counts.

Wanted electronic parts to preserve and to keep original Apple-1 alive

Obsolete electronics are hard to find, but necessary for restoration of historically important vintage computers. New old stock (NOS) preferred, pulls ok.

ICs (any date code):
Signetics 2513N (CM2140), CM2140, 2519b

MOSTEK MK4096N-11 or MK4096P-11

ICs (only date code 1974-1976):
Signetics N7400A, N7402A, N7404A, N7408A, N7410A, N7427A, N7432A, N7451A, N74123B, N74154N, N74157B, N74160B, N74161B, N74166B, N74174B, N74175B, N74S257B, NE555v, N8T97B, 2504v, N74LS02A, N74LS10A (specified 'A' or more resistant to static charge 'B' is not a must)
Fairchild 7400PC, 7402PC, 7408PC, 7410PC, 7427PC, 7432PC, 7450PC, 7451PC, 74123PC, 74154PC, 74157PC, 74160PC, 74161PC, 74166PC, 74174PC, 74175PC, 74S257DC, 74LS74PC, NE555V
National Semiconductor DM74LS74N, DM74LS02N, DM74LS10N, DS/MH0025CN, DS0025CN, MH0025CN, LM311N, LMK323K with golden base (best would be “NS 550 LM323K”, “NS 625 LM323K”)
Motorola MLM311P
AMI S6820P in plastic package
MMI 6301-1J
Sprague capacitors 15V 5300uF 39D (39D538G015JP6) and 25V 2400uF 39D (39D248G025JL6)
Slot 50 44S 30 11 (CINCH 252 22 30 21 1)

Voltage regulators F UA7912UC from 76 in TO-220 case, F UA7812UC from 76 in TO-220 case, F 7905UC from 75/76 in TO-220 case, NS LM 320 MP-5 from 76 in TO-220 case, NS LM 320 MP-12 from 76 in TO-220 case, NS LM 340 MP-12 from 76 in TO-220 case
Diodes MR500 / A14F, Fairchild IN4001, Fairchild IN914
Ceramic disc caps .1 BEL, .01M 25V Circle D (Cornell Dubilier), 1KV 0.001M ZSU Circle D (Cornell Dubilier)
Caps Philips 015 S 22uF 25V, Siemens 22uF 25V
Caps ceramic Siemens 1Z (green)
Caps ceramic Mica 47 pF CDE (Cornell Dubilier)
Heatsink Wakefield 680-1.25A
Trimpot Spectrol 62-1-1 /2 -101 100 Ω
Trimpot Bourns B 3329 H - 100 Ω
Transistor MPS3704 NPN
Crystal Torotel 301.378 14.31818 Mhz
Resistors Allen-Bradley RN55D1002F, Allen-Bradley RN55D1002F, Allen-Bradley 5% 1/4w 10kΩ, Allen-Bradley 5% 1/4w 1.2kΩ, Allen-Bradley 5% 1/4w 3kΩ, Allen-Bradley 5% 1/4w 390Ω, Allen-Bradley 5% 1/4w 7.5kΩ, Allen-Bradley 5% 1/4w 27kΩ and Piher 5% 1/4w 330Ω
Connectors Molex 09-50-1041, 09-50-1061
Sockets TI C9308-02, C9314-02, C9316-02, C9324-02, C9340-02
Heatsink Wakefield 680-1.25A
Transformer Triad F40-X, Triad F31-X (usually in a red/white box)
Parallel ASCII keyboards (most wanted are Datanetics and Amkey)

Contact the Apple-1 Registry

Please contact us if you have any date or period correct part to offer! We have a residential shipping address in the USA, U.K. and in Germany (European Union). A commercial shipping address in the USA and Germany. We know people from many other countries if you prefer domestic shipping.

We appreciate your help:
Please spread the word about the Apple-1 Registry by adding a link to your social media account and/or website. Contact us, if you have new information about any Apple-1 or Apple-1 (parts) for sale.

You can link to the Apple-1 Registry. Any form of reprint or reproduction (including excerpts) only with written permission of the Apple-1 Registry. Here you find press releases and images free to use under CC BY-SA 4.0.

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