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Some famous people involved in the history of Apple

Steve Wozniak, Apple-1 designer, engineer, co-founder of Apple Computer. Apple employee #1.
Steve Wozniak's website
Steve Wozniak talks about the Apple-1

Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Computer. Apple employee #2.

Ronald G. Wayne, co-founder of Apple
Ronald G. Wayne's website

Mike Markkula, Apple employee #3 and 1981-83 CEO of Apple Computer, Inc.

Bill Fernandez, Apple employee #4. He introduced Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs to each other. In fact, he was the third employee.
Randy Wigginton, Apple employee #6. His father handmade the wooden cases offered by the Byte Shop for the Apple-1.
Daniel Kottke, Apple employee #12 (but he was the first to help in Steve's parents' home to assemble the Apple-1) and a close friend of Steve Jobs.
Dr. Wendell Sander, Apple employee #16. Worked on Apple II and designed Apple ///. Website got plenty information about early Apple history and some peripheral boards designed by Wendell Sander.

Paul Terrell , founder of the Byte Shop

Ray Borrill, Owner of Data Domain Stan Veit, Owner of "Computer Mart", the first computer store in New York City

Lee Felsenstein , moderated the meetings at the Homebrew Computer Club

Related to the Apple-1 computer

Apple Computer
Homebrew Computer Club
John Woodall, USA (Worked on Apple-1 and much more)

Private websites

Mike Willegal’s website with tons of information around the Apple-1 including software
Achim Harald Baqué's website with information about the Apple-1. Curator of the Apple-1 Registry
Applefritter, all about Apple computer and Apple-1 owner's club.

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