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Note: This is the 82th entry in the list and not the 82th Apple-1 produced. The Apple-1 does not have a serial number.

'Byte Shop 49' Apple-1 - number 82 in the Registry

9 pictures published.


1st batch

Handwritten number, stamp, label

List of all numbers.


USA, California


Existence verified. Known to registry caretaker or expert. According to pictures.




Existence is known to the Apple-1 Registry curator. Achim Baqué visited the owner in 2019. Computer was working.


Second owner is the same, who once owned the Apple-1 listed as #80 in the Apple-1 Registry. He wants to by anonymous.

The second ownerr contacted Steve in late 1977 and asked if he might send an Apple-1 to play around with. Steve was kind enough to send 2 non-working motherboards along with 2 cassette interface cards and a lot of documentation. One of the cassette interface cards was tagged with a label saying that it did not work (later to be proven incorrect). One of the motherboards was complete with a white ceramic CPU and 4k white ceramic memory chips (Apple-1 #80). The other board was missing the -5V regulator chip as well as the CPU and memory and had a tag dated August 1977 with the former owner's name (Bob Reinemer) stating: "Doesn't load Basic", no -5V regulator. The boards were numbered on the back side in felt pen, 01-0044 (tagged unit) and 01-0049. Somewhere between that time and about 1980 the second owner obtained a keyboard and an RF converter and installed them into a home made wooden box (again, Apple-1 #80). He tried several times over the years without success to make the one board work by swapping chips. Finally both worked in the 2000's.

The second owner was a close friend of Steve Jobs. He drove Steve Jobs around with his VW bus when both were young. They were high school buddies and best friends.


no auction


Plastic Synertek 6502 (7720) CPU. Purple ceramic MC6820L (7635) PIA. Some chips including the voltage regulators have been replaced. All capacitors blue.Mostek MK4027P-3 DRAM from 76 (not original).


Original Apple Cassette Interface Adapter. Original Preliminary Operator and Basic Manual. Original ACI Manual.


Working. Not wired for Basic.

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