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'James Coble' Apple-1 - number 20 in the Registry


1st batch

Number / stamps / sticker





According to pictures.

Last update

Mar 20, 2018


Purchased a week after the Atlantic City computer show by James Coble. Here is his story.
I own an Apple I that I bought from Stan Veit's New York Computer Mart during the week following the August 28, 1976, computer show held at the Shelbourne Hotel in Atlantic City, N.J. My unit carrier the number 01-0052 handwritten on the motherboard. Stan Veit told me that the original purchases from Apple consisted of 50 units to the Byte Shop and one to the Computer Mart Los Angeles and one to him at Computer Mart, New York. The one shipped direct to him from Apple was marked 01-0052 and the one to LA was 01-0051.


Plastic DRAM


Wooden case with built-in screen and keyboard.

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