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Note: This is the 27th entry in the list and not the 27th Apple-1 produced. The Apple-1 does not have a serial number.

'Liza Loop' Apple-1 - number 27 in the Registry

11 pictures published.


1st batch

Serial number, stamp, label

no number on the back


USA, California


Existence verified. Known to registry caretaker or expert. According to pictures.


Working condition


Liza Loop


Information about ceramic PIA on Liza Loop's Apple-1.


The first ever delivered Apple-1 computer. Handed-over by Steve Wozniak himself.


Thankfully, Apple-1 Registry caretaker Achim Baqué had a chance to talk to her for over 1.5 hours in 2019. Here is the updated history of this unique Apple-1:

Liza Loop was the first owner and it is still in the hands of her LO*OP Center (Learning Options * Open Portal, founded 1975, non-profit organization). Liza was always deeply involved in computer history. For example, she wrote the user manuals for the Atari 400 and 800.

Liza Loop was a teacher at Windsor Junior High School in Windsor. The Apple-1 was used for her math class. She used computer years before. As she can remember the MITS Altair in 1975 and in 1972 a teletype with modem connected probably to Berkley University’s HP 2000 series computer. Liza used a remarkable number of different computers Liza, including a PDP-8.

Liza met Steve Wozniak (Woz) for the first time at the Homebrew Computer Club. Liza was the first person Woz met who took computer in a class room. Because of this fact, he gave an Apple-1 for free to her.

Woz delivered the Apple-1 by himself. It was the first ever delivered Apple-1.
It never worked reliable. It took 20 minutes to load BASIC but it crashed too many times. It was hardly possible to use it in a 40 minutes class period.
Later Woz tried for several month to fix it. Unsuccessful. But one day he came back with a surprise for Liza. One of the very first Apple II. Serial number 10.

The 6502 from lent to someone who never gave it back. Someone gave Liza at the Vintage Computer Festival at the Computer History Museum in Mt. View, CA another 6502 which is still present in this Apple-1 today. Maybe Liza used the 652 for her Apple II #10 and gave away the Apple II 6502.
4 KB memory chips from the Apple-1 were probably taken for another computer.


no auction


Synertek plastic CPU 6502 (7808, wrong date code), white ceramic Synertek PIA S6820 (7545), 4 KB plastic DRAM. Blue capacitors.


Original Apple Cassette Interface


Very good.Changed CPU.

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Aug 09, 2022

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