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'Liza Loop' Apple-1 - number 27 in the Registry


1st batch




Existence verified. According to pictures.

Last update

May 16, 2019


Information about ceramic PIA on Liza Loop's Apple-1.


Some notes from Liza about her Apple 1 (thanks to Cameron for passing this along).

'The missing memory chips may never have been there. Or, we may have moved them to Apple II'

'I know I lent the original 6502 to a friend and he never gave it back (probably in 1980 or so). The 6502 that is in it now was handed to me at the Vintage Computer Festival at the Computer History Museum in Mt. View, CA several years ago.'

'This particular Apple I never worked reliably. I took it back to Woz and complained that I couldn't use it in the classroom because it took 20 minutes to load BASIC and it crashed so often we couldn't do anything in a 40 minute class period. He kept it for a couple of months and then returned it with the jumpers you see on the back. When it was still flaky he said he had a surprise for me and I should wait a little longer.'


Plastic CPU, white ceramic Synertek PIA, 8 KB plastic DRAM. Blue capacitors.


Cassette Interface.


Very good.

Change log (since March 20, 2018)

May 16, 2019: Verification status

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