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Note: This is the 36th entry in the list and not the 36th Apple-1 produced. The Apple-1 does not have a serial number.

'Jean-Louis Gasse' Apple-1 - number 36 in the Registry

No pictures published.


1st batch

Serial number, stamp, label

Likely the handwriting of Steve Jobs
List of all serial numbers.




According to pictures.

Serial number on the back

The serial number on the back of the Apple-1 was most likely written by Steve Jobs. According to available information, a forensic analysis has not yet been performed for this Apple-1. However, for some other Apple-1s with a serial number on the back it has been confirmed that it is Steve Jobs' handwriting. More information.


About the owner


Jean-Louis Gassée offered early March 2018 to provide some info after his return to France and after getting the Apple-1 from storage. Unfortunately so far no pictures.


Craig Solomonson bought this Apple-1 after Steve Jobs told him his story about the Apple-1 in 1982. Mike Murray gave him a lead to find the Apple-1. First owner is unknown.
The Apple-1 was sold by Craig Solomonson 1989 to Jean Louie Gassée for US$ 15,000. Included in the trade were the board, Apple Cassette Interface and some cassettes.
Jean Louie Gassée was head of Apple's advanced product development and worldwide marketing at one time.


no auction


Here is Craig Solomonson's story of this board:
Craig Solomonson who worked at MECC was looking for an Apple-1 and during a meeting asked Steve Jobs if he could find an Apple 1. Steve replied that none were available. However, Steve's traveling secretary, Mike Murray, heard the conversation and took Craig aside. He gave Craig, Joe Torzewski's number and a few months later I traveled to Indiana and traded him a complete Apple II system with lots of software for my first Apple-1. It was one of the original batch built for the Byte Shop. Woz verified that for me. The Byte Shop has put their own serial number on the back in black was "01-0005." Joe had "01-0051" and it had been upgraded by Woz and was in a special case that he made. I had this computer for about 5 years. In about 1987, our family wanted a new van that cost about $20,000. Well, Jean-Louis Gassée wanted my Apple-1 to hang in his office, so the deal was done. Apple bought it from me for him. My spin on this deal was, "Woz and jobs sold their van to finance the Apple-1. I sold my Apple-1 to finance my van!"

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