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Note: This is the 46th entry in the list and not the 46th Apple-1 produced. The Apple-1 does not have a serial number.

'Joe Altieri' Apple-1 - number 46 in the Registry

12 pictures published.


2nd batch NTI

Serial number, stamp, label

no number on the back


USA, CA, Mountain View
Computer History Museum (Mountain View, CA)

On display

It is not on display anymore


Known to registry caretaker or expert. In a museum. According to pictures.


Owner Ian Lynch Smith

Museum's website

Computer History Museum (Mountain View, CA)


New York times article


This one is possibly a later production board, possibly with a 16K memory mod.
White 6502 and plastic film decoupling caps.
Some pictures show the keyboard connector plugged into the socket for the 6800. This was just a mistake done by someone.
Dag Spicer from CHM and Woz had a look at this Apple-1.
Until November 2019 it was wrongly specified as CPU 6800. It is, as usual, the 6502.


Joe Altieri of San Mateo (California, USA) owned the Apple-1. According to Joe Altieri, he bought it from Steve Jobs late 1975 at a Homebrew Computer Club meeting.
Donated to PBS (public TV) fund-raising auction for a public radio station in Astoria and sold to Janet Keim for US$ 90. Dag Spicer (a computer historian and curator from the CHM) did the authentication of this Apple-1.Maybe it was donated by a member of the Homebrew Computer Club.
Later sold to Ian Lynch Smith for US$ 10,000. An Apple developer ever since. He never changed anything to the Apple-1 board.
On loan to CHM by Ian Lynch Smith.
The Apple-1 was on display at a MacWorld Expo 1998. It was on tour in Europe 2019
Renamed on Oct 31, 2019 from CHM 2 to Joe Altieri, the name of the first known owner.


White ceramic 6502 CPU, plastic PIA, 8 KB DRAM. 3 small yellow capacitors, 2 small and 3 blue big capacitors.


Original Apple Cassette Interface. SwTPc keyboard. K6GWE receiver power transformer


Some added wires and resistor on front. Video connector changed to different soldered connector. Cassette Interface with modification. Added blue capacitor at power section.


Steve Lohr published the story of this machine in his blog.

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