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Note: This is the 58th entry in the list and not the 58th Apple-1 produced. The Apple-1 does not have a serial number.

'Schoolsky' Apple-1 - number 58 in the Registry

13 pictures published.


2nd batch NTI

Serial number, stamp, label

no number on the back




Existence verified. Known to registry caretaker or expert. Auction. According to pictures.


Working condition


Charitybuzz with many pictures and a video.


This was a never populated/unsold unit taken from the stack by Adam Schoolsky, who was an Apple employee at the time.
4062 label on front. 49 sticker on back.Round stamp with number 6 next to the heatsink.
Number “4” is handscribed into Texas Instruments low profile sockets 3 and 4.


Purchased from Adam Schoolsky by LCF group (David Larsen) in 1994.
David Larsen wrote. "I have purchased it from Adam Schoolsky - He told me he was the second employee of Apple -- Could be as Woz mentions him in his book Woz - the computer was giving to him by Woz and when I purchased it I really got a lot of additional neat Apple artifacts. The computer has never had chips in it and it is just like new and most likley the only one like it -- I mean never loaded with chips. I have letters and lots of other docs from Adam as well."
Auctioned at Charitybuzz in 2017 for $401,000. This includes 3 original issues of Silicon Gulch Gazette, the First West Coast Computer Faire Conference Program and the "Zaltair" brochure.


Sept. 2017


Was unpopulated until 2017. White ceramic MOS MSC 6502 CPU (4176) and Motorola plastic MC 6820P PIA (7649). 8 KB plastic Mostek DRAM MK4096-17 (mixed date codes). 1 small yellow and 7 blue capacitors. Big blue 5300 uF capacitor replaced (date code 7830). Earlier pictures showing date code correct capacitor 7508.


Original Apple Cassette Interface with triangle stamp and letter G in the middle. Operation Manual, Preliminary Basic Manual, Cassette Interface Manual, cassette, Apple-1 ad, original box, Apple product information, price list 1977, Apple II+ keyboard, Stancor power supply.
Three Silicon Gulch Gazette issues and First West Coast Computer Faire Program.


All chips added by David Larsen in 2017. LED on ACI attached by wire.


David Larsen presenting this Apple-1

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