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'West Coast' Apple-1 - number 78 in the Registry


1st batch

Number / stamps / sticker

see description, stamp 7




Existence confirmed. Known to registry caretaker or expert. Auction. According to pictures.



Last update

Dec 07, 2018


Auction in Boston on September 25, 2018
Article in the Boston Globe


Owner from the West Coast want to be anonymous. For this reason name West Coast is used.
On the back is a handwritten number. Many first batch Apple-1 got a handwritten number that looks like a serial number. This one is different. On all known Apple-1 the format is 01-00xx. This Apple-1 shows the number 01-0002, one more digit. Handwriting is maybe different compared to other Apple-1. Without further investigation it is not possible to validate the authenticity of this number.


Unknown first owner from the West coast.
Auction September 25, 2018 in Boston (RR Auction). Consigner is the company called Invaluable.


Sept. 2018


White ceramic MOS MCS 6502 (1576), plastic AMI S6820 (7601), 8 KB DRAM. ALPS keyboard from the 70's. Sanyo 4205 probably from the 70's. New power supply.


Original Apple Cassette interface (ACI). Original Operation Manual and 2 original ACI Manual.


Prototype area unused.


About this Apple-1
About the Apple-1

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