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Note: This is the 89th entry in the list and not the 89th Apple-1 produced. The Apple-1 does not have a serial number.

'Schlumberger #2' Apple-1 - number 89 in the Registry

11 pictures published.


2nd batch NTI

Serial number, stamp, label

no number on the back


UAE, New Jersey
bank vault


Auction. According to pictures.


Working condition


Neal Berger


Stamp "6" on the front like many other Apple-1.
2 unreadable stamps on the back. Probably QC.


From the collection of the chief developer for Schlumberger Overseas S.A.
Acquired in 1978/79 from a collector in Rochester, NY

This Apple-1 showed up first time at Christie's NYC auction October 25, 2019.
According to the auction house, the consigner didn't want a detailed report etc. Before the auction took place, almost no information was possible to find. The Apple-1 Registry was live present.
Last bid at auction was US$ 130,000 + buyer's premium = US$ 162,500. But it wasn't sold. It was available after auction, Achim Baqué made an offer, but after several days, the consigner declined the offer.
The former link to the auction "" was deleted by Christi's.

In 2021 bought by Jimmy Grewal and someone else. Jimmy is also the owner of #67 in the Apple-1 Registry.
Sold at eBay auction June 12, 2022 for US$ 340,100 to Neal Berger. Neal Berger also owns the Apple-1 #91 called 'Bayville'.


2019, 2022


White ceramic Synertek C6502 CPU (7643), purple ceramic Motorola MC6820L PIA (7620). 8 KB Mostek DRAM MK4096-11 (7634) and 1977. 6 blue and 1 yellow capacitors.




Working (according to a test from Camron Cooper in October 2019).
Most ICs are not date correct / changed. For example the DRAM could be original.
2 MR500 diodes at power section changed. Capacitors at C10 and C12 changed to electrolyticcapacitors. PROM A2 is not date correct for an NTI. It is from the first batch.5 added resistors and a wire on the back to the character ROM (for unknown reason).
A lot of corrosion on many parts (for ex. many ICs, all voltage regulators, screw on the back). Many signs of soldering. Repaired trace on the back.Corrosion or dirt at power connector.1 screw for the LM323K not original. 5300uf has a dent, but is working. The mounting holes are drilled much wider. Except the one in the upper right corner (only the cooper layer is drilled).
In 2022 Jimmy Grewal did some extensive restoration and many parts were changed to period correct parts.

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Jul 02, 2022

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