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Note: This is the 94th entry in the list and not the 94th Apple-1 produced. The Apple-1 does not have a serial number.

'Chaffey College' Apple-1 - number 94 in the Registry

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2nd batch NTI

Serial number, stamp, label

no number on the back




Existence verified. Known to registry caretaker or expert.


Working condition


Operational Apple-1 “NTI” computer including the original Apple-1 “NTI” board, original Apple Cassette Interface (ACI) "NTI" and original wooden Byte Shop Apple-1 case with Datanetics keyboard and power supply.
This set also includes a period Xerox copy of the Apple-1 Basic Manual and Apple-1 Operations Guide with an original MOS 6502 programming manual, Apple-1 software on cassette tapes, cables and a working video monitor compatible with the Apple-1.


This Apple-1 was obtained by the second owner, Joey Catuara, in 1977 from his electronics professor who taught microprocessors at Chaffey College in Rancho Cucamonga, California. The professor sold the computer to to one of his students for $600 which was used towards the purchase of an Apple II computer.

Sold at auction in November 2021 for US$ 500,000 John Moran Auctioneers. At the internet you may find many times 400K, but it was US$ 400,000 + 25% buyers premium (via liveauctioneers it would have been + 30% = US$ 520,000).


Nov. 2021


White ceramic Synertek CPU C6502 (7643), plastic Synertek PIA SY6520 (7630), 8 KB Mostek MK4096N-11. All chips are date-correct. 6 blue and one yellow caps


Original ACI. Original wooden Byte Shop case with power supply.. Manuals are copies.


Joey Catuara was the second owner. He contacted Achim Baqué before the Apple-1 was up for auction. Achim asked him in April 2022 if he could remember the name of the first owner (his professor) and if he could add something to the history of the Apple-1. Here is his answer

I wish I could remember the professor's name, but it was over 40 years ago. I worked a little with the Chaffey College staff, but they could not help.
They did interview me for their local news, after the auction.
I do not mind being identified. But there isn't much more to add.

I had graduated (USC in math) and started a job as a software engineer. I took the 6502 microprocessing class at the local junior college (Chaffey) as a hobby.
The professor announced he was selling his Apple 1 to buy the new Apple 2 - I was making $1000/month, so $650 was not insignificant.
I played with my new Apple 1 quite a bit, and the cassette that was auctioned with it contained all the programs I had written.
I remember one was a "piano" - generating the frequencies of specific notes.
Another was interactive - it would hold a "discussion" with you by parsing your typed questions and answers.
As a desktop computer was completely unknown, my younger sister, when trying this program for the first time, after it responded to her input leaned over to me and whispered "Now what do I do?"

One interesting thing - the original owner had relocated the red LED used with the cassette interface from the back to the top of the case - much more convenient. Corey moved it back for authenticity. If you look at the original pictures I sent you, you can see it front and center.

I kept it in my closet under a towel, taking it out about every 5 years to see if it worked. I had to replace the CCTV monitor once. Finally it would not turn on. I hoped it was the reset switch, but Corey tells me there were a couple of broken chips. I was very excited to see him get it working again.

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