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Note: This is the 100th entry in the list and not the 100th Apple-1 produced. The Apple-1 does not have a serial number.

'Data Domain' Apple-1 - number 100 in the Registry

25 pictures published.


1st batch

Serial number, stamp, label

Likely the handwriting of Steve Jobs
List of all serial numbers.




Existence verified. Known to registry caretaker or expert. Auction.


Working condition

Serial number on the back

The serial number on the back of the Apple-1 was most likely written by Steve Jobs. According to available information, a forensic analysis has not yet been performed for this Apple-1. However, for some other Apple-1s with a serial number on the back it has been confirmed that it is Steve Jobs' handwriting. More information.


RR Auction March 2023


This computer was originally used as a demonstration system at the Data Domain computer store in Columbus, Indiana, in 1977, before being given to someone in 1978.
This Apple-1 computer was initially brought to an operational state by Daniel Kottke, Apple Computer employee #12, in 2019.
Additional restoration of the Apple-1 board and the ACI by expert Corey Cohen in November 2022. Signed by Woz.
Auction in March 2023 but for unknown reason it was not sold.


March 2023


Synertek CPU c6502 7640, plastic AMI PIA S6820 (date code not readable), 8 KB


Original tan Apple-1 Operation Manual, original tan Preliminary Apple Basic User's Manual, original Apple-1 Cassette Interface Manual. Custom made wooden case with Clare-Pendar ASCII keyboard from Data Domain store. Panasonic TR-930U CRT monitor from 1986. Period-correct Panasonic RQ3109DS cassette recorder.


Signed by Woz. Large orange socket added to the prototype area. Cut trace repaired. Some solder pads in the prototypeing area are lifted.

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