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Note: This is the 101th entry in the list and not the 101th Apple-1 produced. The Apple-1 does not have a serial number.

'Ken 1' Apple-1 - number 101 in the Registry

2 pictures published.


1st batch

Serial number, stamp, label

backside unknown


California, USA


According to pictures.


Unknown working condition


The back side is unknown. Owner will take off the mounted board and check it later.


Information as of May 2023 from the current owner "I actually had one other Apple 1, that was given to me by Steve Wozniak many years ago (1979). My wife and I were out to dinner with Woz when our house in Oakhurst Ca burned down, destroying my Apple 1. Woz heard about the fire, and contacted various friends to see if anyone wanted to sell their Apple 1. Two people contacted me, but I have zero recollection of who they were. One person I paid and the other I swapped some software with".The owner wishes to remain anonymous. Therefore the 2 Apple-1 are temporarily named Ken 1 and 2.


CPU from 1979 (not original), PIA AMI S6820 (7601), 4K Mostek and 4k Signetics DRAM (not original).


All mounted on a wooden panel in a plexiglass case.


Very good overall condition. CPU, all N8T97, all DRAM and at least one 7400, one 74166 are not original. A small piece of the board was cut out at the bottom edge between areas 2 and 3.

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