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Note: This is the 15th entry in the list and not the 15th Apple-1 produced. The Apple-1 does not have a serial number.

'Moore' Apple-1 - number 15 in the Registry

2 pictures published.


1st batch

Serial number, stamp, label

backside unknown


USA, Oregon


According to pictures.


Unknown working condition


The current owner wrote to Mike Willegal and tells the story: 'The unit was bought at the estate sale of a woman who was the first female graduate of Stanford Law school, June Blodgett Moore. About the same time she bought a kit, and built an IMSAI 8080 which I also purchased, but tired of housing and moving so got rid of it. June died in, I think, the late ‘70’s.'


no auction


White ceramic CPU MOS, plastic PIA AMI, plastic DRAM MK4096N-11


Wooden case - NOT the wooden Byte Shop case! Original ACI. TRIAD power supply from 74/76. Datanetics keyboard May 28, 1976


4 diodes at the power section are changed.

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