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Note: This is the 16th entry in the list and not the 16th Apple-1 produced. The Apple-1 does not have a serial number.

'Byte Shop 11' Apple-1 - number 16 in the Registry

8 pictures published.


1st batch

Handwritten number, stamp, label

List of all numbers.




Existence verified. According to pictures.


Wooden case with built-in transformer and keyboard.


The original owner, who had brought the computer in to the meeting in an effort to sell or tradeit, met with the current owner who expressed an interest in it, and a swap was made. At thetime, the computer was in completely functional condition.
Eventually he contemplated adding diskdrives to it. Being a technician for a large disk drive manufacturer at the time, he arranged avisit to Apple Computer's headquarters in Cupertino, California, to discuss the possibility ofadding disk drives to the computer. The conclusion was that a disk drive could be added, butnot without a significant amount of work that owner was not interested in engaging in, so it wasat that time that the computer was finally retired. The Apple Computer visitor badge, visible inthe photos of the interior of the enclosure (with the owner's name blurred out to protect hisprivacy) was put there as a memento of this visit.
Bought in 1981 at an Apple users group meeting in Santa Clara, California, USA.
An interesting red label from Apple Computer Inc is inside with the name of the owner and date 8/26/81.It is from a visit of the owner at Apple's headquarter in Cupertino. He discussed the possibilities to add a disk drive and kept the visitor badge.
Maybe it was sold at the VCF 2003.


no auction


White ceramic CPU MOS 6502 (pin 17 all off due to corrosion), plastic PIA AMI S6820, 8 KB DRAM mixed plastic and ceramic. All blue capacitors.


Wooden case, built-in transformer and keyboard. Original Apple Cassette Interface. Datanetics keyboard. No original manuals (only reproductions).


Prototype area with some wires and a transistor. Monitor connector missing. Key cap 1 is missing.The 74257 (row B, 5-8) was replaced by 74157.A de-coupling capacitor was soldered on the backof the 74157.Two power transisitors have been replaced.

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