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'Framed 2' Apple-1 - number 40 in the Registry


2nd batch NTI




Existence confirmed. Auction. According to pictures.



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Dec 07, 2018


One of four units framed by an Apple-1 enthusiast in 1993.When purchased in 1993, computer was tested and in running condition.Craig Solomonson reports on the story of this board.


Purchased by Craig Solomonson, a MECC Software Designer, in November of 1993 for $2,500.
This was about the same time that Craig found #82 for MECC. Craig thought that the MECC computer [#82] was neat and he managed to trade this one for #82 in the box. When MECC went away in 1999, the former MECC executive, took this one with him.
Computer had been upgraded to 20K but was restored back to the original 8K.
Reacquired by Craig Solomonson in 2011.
Sold to Rudi Brandstötter. Rudi has powered up this unit and it is working. The keyboard adapter is one from Mike Willegal.
Sold at auction in fall of 2012 for 491,868 Euro in Germany at Breker.
Not confirmed: Rumors said it was sold to a Japanese curator to build up a museum in the UAE. More rumors: This curator died and the museum was never realized.


Nov. 2012


Plastic Synertek 6502 CPU, plastic AMI S6820 PIA, 8 KB plastic DRAM. 5 small golden capacitors, 3 blue big capacitors.


Power supply build for auction, cassette recorder, 2 cassettes, Sanyo 4509, Apple II keyboard. Signed by Woz replica manual and replica schematics.


Very good


Youtube video for auction
Youtube video made by former owner Rudolf Brandstötter

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