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Note: This is the 41th entry in the list and not the 41th Apple-1 produced. The Apple-1 does not have a serial number.

'Frank Anderson' Apple-1 - number 41 in the Registry

21 pictures published.


2nd batch NTI

Serial number, stamp, label

no number on the back


Italy, Torino
Not on display


Auction. According to pictures.


Working condition


Marco Boglione




Sticker 82 on the back and round stamp with number 6 inside next to voltage regulators.


At one time purchased from Frank Anderson, an electronic dealer in Great Falls, Montana by Craig Solomonson for MECC.
Craig reports that this computer was sold by Jobs and shipped from his parents address. Woz seemed a bit confused when Craig showed him the invoice and asked about it. He said "Not sold by us, although Job's may have sold it without telling me."
Sold by Craig to Jesse Sackman in California.
$50,000 unit sold in Ebay auction 320447681957, late in 2009.
This is the unit auctioned by Christies in London for 142,820 Pounds in November of 2010 to Italian businessman and private collector Marco Boglione.

2010 auction was about:
-Original shipping box,
-Operation Manual,
-BASIC cassette,
-Apple Cassette Interface (NTI) ,
-Cassette Interface Manual ,
-Original invoice from Apple Computer from Dec 7, 1976 (666.66 US$ for the Apple-1 and 75 US$ for the Cassette Interface issued to Electric City Radio Supply in Great Falls, Montana, USA) ,
-Letter signed by Steve Jobs,
-Letter from 1982 Apple Computer Inc. to Frank Anderson,
-Apple ad ,
-Pics of every owner,
-Business card of Steve Wozniak,
-Business card of Steve Wozniak Co-Founder from Apple Computer Inc.,
-Business card of Keith Purdy,
-Label of the auction set n.65 of Christie's
-Letter from Steve Wozniak to Marco Boglione.

It was on exhibition at Vintage Computer Festival West 2019 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. Achim Baqué verified it and made pictures.


Nov. 2009, Nov. 2010


Plastic CPU, plastic PIA, plastic DRAM. 5 small yellow capacitors, 3 blue big capacitors. Plastic film decoupling capacitors.


Original Apple Cassette Interface (NTI), Operation Manual, Cassette Interface Manual, Apple ad. Original invoice from Apple Computer from Dec 7, 1976 (666.66 US$ for the Apple-1 and 75 US$ for the Cassette Interface issued to Electric City Radio Supply in Great Falls, Montana, USA). Letter signed by Steve Jobs. Cassette from the 70's.
Original shipping box (on historical pictures the box in Patty Job's room are all white).


One empty socket at breadboard. Many added yellow wires between breadboard, video output and PIA. PIA from 1978. Original CPU was changed to a new one date code 8145 (see old pictures). After auction in 2010 it was again replaces by white ceramic CPU (date code 4176). 4 KB DRAM added later with 4027 chips (2 different versions, 1 from Italy). All other chips and components are date-correct.


Exhibition in Brazil (Curated by Cecilia Botta and Massimo Temporelli)
Timeline 2010-2017
Switch it back 2016 (about restoration of this Apple-1 and interviews)
Switch it back 2014 (about restoration of this Apple-1 and interviews)
Switch it back 2011 (about restoration of this Apple-1 and interviews 19:38 min)
BBC video after auction showing owner Marco Boglione

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