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Note: This is the 74th entry in the list and not the 74th Apple-1 produced. The Apple-1 does not have a serial number.

'Steve Fish' Apple-1 - number 74 in the Registry

6 pictures published.


1st batch

Serial number, stamp, label

Likely the handwriting of Steve Jobs
List of all serial numbers.


Great Britain, London


Existence verified. Known to registry caretaker or expert. Auction. According to pictures.


Working condition



Serial number on the back

The serial number on the back of the Apple-1 was most likely written by Steve Jobs. According to available information, a forensic analysis has not yet been performed for this Apple-1. However, for some other Apple-1s with a serial number on the back it has been confirmed that it is Steve Jobs' handwriting. More information.


Auction at Bonhams Decmber 6, 2017 with pictures.


Steve Fish was interviewed about his Apple 1 in 2005 by Tom Owad for the latter's book.


In 1976 the Westminster, CA computer store 'Computer Playground' leased the Apple-1 on a time basis to people for playing games in the store. Most likely it was purchased from the Byte shop because of the handwritten number on th back.
In the store the computer was hidden behind a false wall and a monitor bhind a window. Steve Fish (founder of 'Peripheral Visions Inc.') used the Apple-1 for gaming in the shop and to learn BASIC. Instructor was the store co-owner Dr. Will Otaguro. Steve Fish bought the Apple-1 from the shop in late 1977 for a very low price after the Apple II was released. He bought the Apple-1 because "mostly out of nostalgia. It was the machine that I learned to program on, and they were dirt-cheap by that time.".
Sold at auction Bonhams Decmber 6, 2017 for US$ 372,500 including buyers premium.


Dec. 2017


MOS plastic CPU in 2017 replaced by white ceramic MOS MCS 6502 CPU (5176), purple ceramic Molorola MC6820L PIA (7648), 8 KB plastic Mostek DRAM. Blue capacitors.


Walnut case (stamp inside with number 45) with Datanetics keyboard Rev D from 1977. Original Apple Cassette Interface (NTI) with "G" in triangle stamp on the back side. Inside the case is the power supply and a fan.
Sanyo VM5409 monitor. Photocopied Operation Manual (probably from the late 70's). Photocopied Basic Manual (later produced). Realistic CTR-80 cassette recorder. Cassette of unknown year.


Soldered cables at video connector removed. CPU changed (date code 5176). PIA changed (date code 7648). 2 different DRAM date codes, probably later added. Many ICs replaced like both 8T97.
One trace on the back (A-D) cut and reconnected by wiren. 8 keyboard switches and some ICs replaced. Some not date correct ICs replaced in 2017. Capacitor C4 replaced.


Tom Oward's book Apple I Replica creation page 18.

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