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Note: This is the 75th entry in the list and not the 75th Apple-1 produced. The Apple-1 does not have a serial number.

'Celebration' Apple-1 - number 75 in the Registry

1 picture published.


1st batch

Serial number, stamp, label

no number on the back


Great Britain, London

On display

Was on display at Victoria & Albert Museum. But not anymore.


Existence verified. Known to registry caretaker or expert. Auction. According to pictures.




Auction at Charitybuzz including pictures


Round Stamp with number 7 on the back.

It is unclear, why are some components so different. But it was no prototype. Almost all ICs have different date codes compared to all other Apple-1s, some date codes are from long after 1976 and sometimes even different brands are used (Apple never used TI ICs in 1976). It is more likely that the ICs were added one day.

Here is a comment from Mike Willegal:
"That board is not likely a prototype - it was built after the initial production run- we know this from the date codes on the chips. However it is also not a board from a "production" run, we know that from the unique component mix on it and unusual amount of manual soldering. It is a unique example that we don't really know much about. Paul Terrell has a picture of a true prototype board. We don't know if that prototype board survived and if so, who has it.
Similar statements exist from different experts and early Apple employees.


Original owner thought to be an early Apple employee.
Acquired by second owner in 1977.
Acquired by third owner on January 8, 2000 (Sales receipt still exist).
Sold at Charitybuzz auction for US$ 815,000. According to interviews with the owner he would have bid even 1.2 (some sources say 1.6) Million US$.


Aug. 2016


White ceramic MOS MCS 6502 CPU (3775), ceramic Motolora XC6820 PIA (7511), 8 KB ceramic DRAM with gold cap (from 7451). Large blue capacitor (from 1975), Both 2400 uF capacitors silver (date code 7617). All other capacitors are silver. Different diodes at power section. Different capacitor above D12. Very unique. Different 2504v chips (SY 1404A are used) in yellow sockets.The heatsink on this board is smaller than all the other Apple-1s (appears to be never replaced). This Apple-1 has the more expensive Robinson Nugent sockets, but the production runs used the less expensive sockets. Additionally, it has a larger crystal and a variable capacitor above D12. Different electrolytic caps used. Different slot (hand soldered, different part number and date code 3175)
The Apple Cassette Interface (NTI) is different to others. Different capacitor, restistors and transistors.


Original Apple Cassette Interface (NTI), Apple BASIC and Star Trek cassette. Original Operation Manual with schematics. Original Preliminary BASIC Manual. Original Apple Cassette Interface Manual. Original Apple-1 ad. Schematics on archival paper. TRIAD power supply from 1974.


Mechanical switch at switch board section. Added wire and capacitor on the back at power supply secition. Added wire between 6820 pin 21 and B1 pin 1. Missing socket C1 (for 6800 only) - appears to be never used. LM323K corroded. One trace on the back cut. Missing video pot (today added after restoration)). Corrosion at some ICs. PROMs of the mainboard and ACI from 7610 and not labeled Apple A1/A2.

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