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'Framed 1' Apple-1 - number 8 in the Registry


1st batch


USA, Georgia, Atlanta
Lonnie Mimm's Apple Pop Up museum

On display

It is on display


In a museum. Auction. According to pictures.




Lonnie Mimms

Last update

Dec 07, 2018


Lonnie Mimm's Apple Pop Up museum
Auction August 16 2010


One of four units framed by an Apple 1 enthusiast in 1993. White 6502 and disc capacitors. Black plastic DRAM. Five blue 22uF caps.
Very similar component mix to Wendell Sander's, however is missing byte shop serial number. This one works.On display as part of Lonnie Mimm's Apple Pop Up museum.


Sold by this Apple 1 enthusiast to "former Apple executive".Auctioned in Aug, 2010, consigned by "former Apple executive".
Auction found no bidders.
Purchased by Texas based collector after the auction. Texas based collector sold this one to same collector that purchased the Huston Brothers ebay auction 160413355114.


Aug. 2010


White ceramic MOS MCS 6502 CPU, plastic AMI S6820 PIA, 8 KB plastic DRAM. Blue capacitors.


Very good.

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