It was on exhibition at Vintage Computer Festival West 2019 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. Achim Baqué verified it, made pictures and had a long talk to the nice owners.
It was sold by RR Auction (lot 6001) March 12, 2020 for US$ 458,711 including buyers premium.


March 2020


White ceramic Synertek C6502 CPU (7643), plastic Motorola MC6820L PIA (7730). 8 KB Mostek DRAM MK4096N-15 from 1976 and 1977. 3 blue and 4 yellow capacitors.


Original Apple Cassette Interface. Transformer TRIAD F-31X and F-40X from 1977. Mounted on a metal frame. Keyboard from 1977.


CPU, PIA and DRAM added later.

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