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Note: This is the 96th entry in the list and not the 96th Apple-1 produced. The Apple-1 does not have a serial number.

'Vizenetz 1' Apple-1 - number 96 in the Registry

2 pictures published.


1st batch

Serial number, stamp, label

Likely the handwriting of Steve Jobs
List of all serial numbers.


Bank vault


Existence verified. Known to registry caretaker or expert.

Serial number on the back

The serial number on the back of the Apple-1 was most likely written by Steve Jobs. According to available information, a forensic analysis has not yet been performed for this Apple-1. However, for some other Apple-1s with a serial number on the back it has been confirmed that it is Steve Jobs' handwriting. More information.




In 2018, a retired German industrialist named Peter Vizenetz contacted Achim Baqué. He had information and a story regarding Apple-1 computers. Phone conversations took place and Mr. Vizenetz recorded an interview (in German) of over 24 minutes for Achim Baqué. The entire story of the first Apple-1 in Europe is included.

Mr. Vizenetz flew with his family from Munich to the USA on vacation in 1976 and read about a young company in Silicon Valley in a trade magazine. It was supposed to be a single board computer with a character generator. Mr. Vizenetz drove to Silicon Valley in his motor home and visited Steve Jobs in his parents' famous garage. Jobs' 'office' was next to his father's garden tools. Jobs and Vizenetz got along well. Mr. Vizenetz was looking for a computer for process computing in automation.

Immediately he took two Apple-1 (1st Batch) and later, according to him, bought 10 more Apple-1 . An acquaintance of Mr. Vizenetz was to use the bus connection of the Apple-1.
Thus, in 1977, there were 12 Apple-1s in Germany. The experiments of the engineers in Mr. Vizenetz's company with the Apple-1 were not successful and other computers were eventually used. The Apple-1s remained in the possession of Mr. Vizenetz. Steve Jobs was very interested in working with Mr. Vizenetz. After Mike Makulla joined Apple, Jobs lost interest in Europe for the time being. The Apple-1s were also unfortunately unsuitable as process computers for automation. Mr. Vizenetz gave five Apple-1s to an employee named Breidenbach. More about this later.
According to Mr. Vizenetz's recollection, the remaining Apple-1s went to various engineers. Whether these are already listed in the registry is unknown, because the way cannot be traced anymore.

Achim Breidenbach published in 2018 under his name some pictures of the Apple-1 at applefritter.

After some time it turned out that the sibling heirs of Mr. Breidenbach senior still have three Apple-1. Achim Breidenbach and the widow Breidenbach remember some details.

Mr. Breidenbach senior exchanged one Apple-1 at Apple Germany for a high-quality Mac. For a long time this Apple-1 hung on the wall in the executive office at Apple Germany, then Apple moved away from Ismaning (Munich). Since then, its whereabouts are unknown. Achim Baqué has a guess. There is a previously unlisted Apple-1 and circumstantial evidence that it could be the missing Apple-1. The information and the pictures of the owner are not allowed to be published yet.

Another Apple-1 was sold by Mr. Breidenbach Senior to a museum in Bern, where it still is today. Fantastic, because this probably clarifies the complete history of another Apple-1.

Three Apple-1s are still in family possession, as mentioned.

There is also a letter from Steve Jobs to Mr. Vizenetz, which is also in the possession of the family. This letter was already published as text many years ago at applefritter. The whereabouts of the letter were unknown until now. A digital copy of the letter is added to Apple-1 #96.


Plastic CPU 6502 (8733), plastic AMI PIA S6820 (7601), 8 KB Mostek MK4096N-11 (7620+ 1x 7634). Only blue caps.


Apple Operation Manual, Apple ACI Manual, Apple Preliminary Basic Manual.


Some ICs are changed, for example the 2513, CPU, 1 DAM. The rest is date-correct. Signed by Woz.


Remarkable story of the origin is here.

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