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Note: This is the 97th entry in the list and not the 97th Apple-1 produced. The Apple-1 does not have a serial number.

'Vizenetz 2' Apple-1 - number 97 in the Registry

1 picture published.


1st batch

Serial number, stamp, label

no number on the back


Bank vault


Existence verified. Known to registry caretaker or expert.


Remarkable story of the origin is here.


more information will fallow


The full history is known by Achim Baqué. The owner did not allow to publish the story or the pictures so far.


Plastic CPU 6502 (8733), PIA missing, almost 8 KB Mostek 15x MK4096N-11 (7634). Only blue caps.


Apple Operation Manual, Apple ACI Manual.


7408, 7450/7451, 2513 missing, All 74S257 changed to TI ICs from 76.Some ICs are changed, for example the 2513, CPU, 1 DAM. The rest is date-correct.
Breadboard populated with 4 sockets, IC Motorola XC6820 (7513) and N8T97B (7627). Many wires on the back
All big blue caps missing. LM323k missing. Video connector missing.Wires and a small PCB are added to the jumper section.
Signed by Woz

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Aug 23, 2022

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